Meditation and Mindful Awareness at Work, in School, at Home.


Amy’s workshops are informative and experiential.  Tailored to meet your group’s needs, in accessible language she educates about the physiology and neurobiology of mindfulness practice and meditation so participants can reduce stress, optimize physical and mental health, and foster interpersonal awareness. Amy empowers individuals to engage these life changing practices.

Amy has maintained a regular meditation practice in the Zen tradition since 1996. Since 2010 she has offered a free weekly lunch hour meditation downtown and since 2006 she has continuously provided meditation instruction and support to incarcerated men  at Washington State Reformatory. She is now the Buddhist Volunteer Program Supervisor for the Monroe Corrections Complex.

Why Meditate at Starbucks Headquarters, SODO Seattle, WA (MP3)
Why Meditate at Annie Wright Middle School, Tacoma, WA (MP3)

Amy interviewed by Everyday Acupuncture in St. Louis, MO 


Free Weekly Lunch Hour Meditation