Amy has introduced some of the testimonials below with her initial observations in the interest of providing a more comprehensive picture of the work she does. All names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.  


“Amy’s broad expertise, insightfulness and amazing skill, took a leg injury of 26 years to pain free.  I was unable to bare full weight, and had on and off radiating nerve pain before treatment. In three sessions and two weeks, Amy did the unimaginable. In the first session 92% of the nerve pain was gone. I could run up my stairs again. I diligently practiced the exercises she prescribed to build my core and realign the leg muscles. In two weeks and my third session, I left her office pain free. There are no words to describe my gratitude to have my leg back, to have regained my balance. Amy is a rare practitioner who strives for and achieves her clients health. My word of advice, tell her everything. She incorporates everything into her holistic approach for the well-being of your body, mind and spirit.”

– Anna

“I first visited Amy for help with carpal tunnel issues. Her initial consultation was extremely detailed and I felt that she was really taking the time and effort to truly understand my issues. After a few visits, the pain was gone, and due to the dietary changes she recommended, my other issues were improving as well! I was so happy with the results that my husband decided to go to her for help with his back and knee pain. He was quite impressed and pleased with the results as well. We really appreciate all she has done for us!”

– Susie

“Amy, I did want to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to you. The journey from where I was in the spring to where I am now has been a quite dramatic change. I feel like a different person…and a big part of that has been thanks to you. You are an incredible healer – through a combination of listening, acupuncture, massage, dietry advice, counsel, and just plain being there. When you are in a bad place, there’s nothing better than feeling cared for, and you do this so wonderfully with your clients. It has been an inspiration working with you.”


“I cannot speak more highly of the connection and experience I have had with Amy.  When I first received a referral, I believed I was going in to get my menstrual cycle regulated.  On our first appointment I realized how much broader this treatment was then I’d anticipated.

Each week I came and felt soothed, relaxed and attended by Amy’s emotional attentiveness, compassionate and intuitive spirit.  I have a deep appreciation for Amy’s ability to extend her healing techniques beyond acupuncture alone to provide comprehensive care through referrals and meditation techniques.  Acupuncture has been a powerful tool to regulate me, both physically and emotionally, and Amy has fostered an atmosphere that makes that healing possible.”

– Kathleen

I was initially looking for treatment of my physical symptoms (hypertension and anxiety) without thinking about the bigger picture – my whole body and mind combined.  I now realize that understanding this interconnectedness is a powerful tool for healing. I am now feeling much more self-aware and empowered by nurturing my physical as well as my emotional needs.  With Amy’s treatment and counseling and through meditation at home, I have now successfully quit all pharmaceuticals for HBP.

Amy is a healer of the first order.  She not only addresses the physical symptoms but also the state of mind and emotion, something that I think is missing from a more conventional approach.  Learning to listen to and care for my body and my mind in concert has led me to a happier, healthier and more empowered state of being.

– Manuel

John was an avid hiker, skier and soccer player.  By the time he arrived at my clinic, he had undergone diagnostic imaging and consulted with neurologists regarding the pain and numbness he suffered in his upper back, shoulders, forearms and hands.  While there was some mild disc protrusion in his upper spine, according to the neurologist it was not ‘significant’ enough to explain his severe symptoms.  During our initial consultation, it was clear to me that John would benefit from manual therapy with acupuncture, but additionally needed dietary consultation and tools to manage stress.   


“For over 5 years I experienced chronic back pain that radiated through my arms and down to my hands.  After years of misdiagnosis and countless doctors and physical therapy appointments, my family recommended I see Amy.  Amy talked to me for over an hour on our first visit.  We talked about my diet, activity level and awareness of my body, areas of pain and my emotional state.  This was the exact opposite from the inattention I had received from previous MDs.  I was used to doctors who barely seemed to listen during the 10 minutes they allowed me and finished by writing me a prescription.

When I met Amy I immediately felt her overwhelming compassion and interest in my situation.  After only 3 months I feel that my life has significantly changed.  I listen to my body where as before I ignored it.  Amy is a healer. ”

– John

“Amy has treated me for several women’s health issues and she remains part of my ongoing health care team. She is a gifted healer—compassionate, inquisitive, and intuitive. Amy listens with curiosity and is able to shine a light on adjunct or contributing factors that might deserve attention. Amy teaches that health is also a beautiful, life-long project—and she is an excellent guide for the journey.”

– Asleigh

“I’ve gone to Amy Darling for the past 4-5 years, for several health conditions. She asks the kind of questions that lead her directly to the root of the problem, and has the knowledge and experience necessary to treat exactly what I’ve described. Whether I’ve seen her for a recurring foot problem, lower back pain, or digestive problems, Amy has always taken care of things in several treatments. And, one area Amy stands out in is recommending dietary changes that will help the healing process. I’ve learned more about diet and the healing properties of food from Amy than I’ve ever received from any Western doctor in my half-century on the planet.”

– Robert

“Amy listens to me. She addresses the individual in a holistic manner.  A previous Dr. told me to come back when I had something she could fix. I have found that most Western Medical Professionals address what they can see and then prescribe medications.  Amy and the Eastern Medical approach is more holistic and encompassing addressing issues more naturally with herbs, acupuncture and nutrition to treat the root cause rather than just the symptom.”

– Cathy

Alice arrived at my clinic with a very clear and direct desire: to find another way than western medication to regulate her Ulcerative Colitis.  She was referred by another patient who I had treated for the same condition.  Alice did not want to approach treatment with Chinese herbs.  In her treatment, I combined acupuncture with a lot of ‘homework’.  Outside of her acupuncture sessions, she brought mindful awareness to her eating patterns.  As is common with mothers of young children, Alice struggled to pause and nourish herself.  In addition to slowing down enough to eat, I introduced her to meditation focused on the abdominal and pelvic cavity.  


“I have Ulcerative Colitis and was looking for alternatives since my GI doctors only have one answer…meds.  Amy was recommended by a friend who also has colitis.  In treatment, I feel both my mind and body were addressed, my tendencies toward anxiety and depression, and my low back issues!  I feel more connected to my body than I ever have in my life.  I have a new respect for my body and this has helped me become more balanced in my head and heart.  Amy is amazing.  I feel heard and valued.  The treatment she gives is individualized and thoughtful.  I appreciate her direct and easy communication. She is a superb doctor, an expert in her field.”

– Alice

“Amy is highly attentive in identifying the causes of illness and pain, and extremely thorough in working towards ending them. She listens patiently and provides a comforting and supportive environment for patients. Thankfully, this led to my greater overall well-being and healthful lifestyle, including how to kick an adulthood-long coffee addiction!”

– Paul

It’s somewhat of a mystery how James found his way into clinic.  He was formally diagnosed as highly functioning autistic with paranoid, delusional anxiety.  He had a lengthy history of childhood abuse.  He was alienated from the mental health system and had been caught in a revolving door cycle of ER visits for headaches and migrating pains.  The ER could never find physical basis for his fears of tumors and other catastrophic health conditions.  James came for treatment at a time when WA State’s Medicaid based health insurance paid for acupuncture.  This is not currently the case.  

He was initially apprehensive about needling, and yet desperate for help.  In his first session, before acupuncture, I guided him through a meditation asking him to name aloud sensations in the body as we moved through each part.  We repeated this a second time and he was surprised and elated to notice that the sensations in his body had changed.  In some areas where there was initially tension, tightness or a sense of congestion, he discovered lightness and ease.  He continued the meditation at home and also made some dietary changes.   He arrived at his second and subsequent visits overjoyed at the absence of headaches, other pains and the changes in his mental wellbeing.  When I asked if he would offer a testimonial he wrote simply,


“Amy Darling went beyond what I imagined could be done. She cured my anxiety when others failed.”


After 8 treatments, James disappeared.  He did not respond to contact by phone or mail.  Close to two years after his course of treatment, I was walking along the street and heard a call, “Dr. Darling!  Dr. Darling!”  I turned to see James.  He approached me and embraced my hand, “You saved my life!”  I was thrilled to see him, to see him looking well, and asked how he had been, commenting on my concern when he disappeared. 


“No, I’ve been great!  I still use all the tools you gave me.  Sometimes I feel a little flutter, but then I just pay attention to things and notice how they’re changing.  You cured me!  I’m free of anxiety.”

– James 

“I just wanted you to know what a difference you have made in my life.  You helped me to make the changes I needed to stay strong physically and mentally during this stressful time in my life.  I appreciate your honesty in addressing the effects of my drinking and helping me to find other ways to cope.  The diet recommendations, herbs, acupuncture, and river rock meditation have all been extremely helpful.  Now, I am able to be fully present for my husband, students and friends.  You are a gifted healer.”

– Clarice

“I had tremendous foot pain, swollen bunions so painful walking hurt.  One of my biggest surprises was how many other areas could be improved with acupuncture.  I came through the door for my sore feet, but I left with a whole new outlook on my constipation, my red skin, my interrupted sleep patterns, and my work stress.  Amy always provides me a safe place to discuss freely, and has a good way of helping me see things in ways that I may not have initially thought about.  I can honestly say that I have never left a massage or a facial feeling the peacefulness that I do when I leave acupuncture. I am so thankful to have found a treatment that meets so many of my needs.”

– Jodie

Maria presented with a complicated constellations of health issues including menopausal hot flashes and mood swings, plantar fasciitis, Achilles and knee pain, migraines and difficulty with weight loss.  In the western medical system, each issue was being addressed by different specialists with neither a cohesive nor effective approach.  

“When I began seeing Amy, I was a MESS! I was in incredible pain with a knee replacement that was driving me crazy and an Achilles repair that was on fire. After spending thousands of dollars, my surgeons ran test after test and offering only more surgery.  I had basically given up.

Instantly on my first meeting with Amy I felt her incredible ability to listen and understand. I started to feel the positive affects of acupuncture, East Asian Medicine, and Amy.  I began a new approach with my life which included a commitment to lose weight and eat healthy, live healthy. Over the last year I have lost 75lbs with Amy’s encouragement, and am completely pain free.

I continue to see Amy monthly for maintenance. I recommend her highly and have no doubt that her approach works!”

– Maria

“I was having 3-4 migraines a month. Now, they are completely gone. Amy looks at the whole picture when treating someone’s health issues, and I’ve gone from unhealthy to vital.”

– Carrie

“Amy performed wonders.  I no longer have the aches and pains of Fibromyalgia that led my Western doctor to throw up his hands in frustration. Also, my digestion has improved immensely, sinus problems that led to previous sinus surgery are at a minimum, and my lifelong asthma is significantly better. With a unique understanding of Chinese Medicine filtered through a Western {medical} sensibility that imbues trust with patients like me, she performed wonders.”

– Alex

“I’d been to chiropractors and physical therapists, but found no relief for chronic lower back pain. Amy helped me get rid of my back pain, and has done what other “specialists” couldn’t do. She is a total mind/body practitioner, and is truly amazing.”

– Jeannie

“I went to Amy ostensibly for menopausal symptoms at a time in my life when I was filled with grief, sadness and trauma. She nourished not only my depleted body, but my whole self–my energy, emotional and spiritual lives.  She is a consummate professional and a natural healer.”

– Sally

“Since starting acupuncture treatments with Amy I sleep better, have less anxiety, and I’m more relaxed overall. I’ve also gained a better understanding of my body and feel more in synch with my natural rhythms. Hurray!”

– Jennifer

“For years, I suffered with maladies and pains that traditional medicine could not cure or cure only with powerful medications, which had their own adverse side effects.  I experienced virtually immediate relief from joint pain, sinus congestion, gastrointestinal problems and experienced boost to mood and energy.  I cannot thank Amy enough, for her sincere caring and compassionate attitude, and the success of her treatment plan for me.”

– Sean

Jenean was brought in for treatment by a family member.  Following back surgery, she continued to be in severe pain, but more acutely suffered severe narcotic side effects, had been unable to eat or drink, and had unrelenting nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  We began with very gentle acupuncture and a variety of dietary recommendations including the Congee recipe on the Resources page.  


“I came to Amy with black circles under my eyes, inability to sleep, continued weight loss, and inability to keep food down even liquids like ginger ale. I was scared and wondered if my regular life would ever return after back surgery. I was on antibiotics to prevent an infection of MRSA.  I had one of the worst cases of thrush the doctors had ever seen from the medication I’d taken.  My stomach and bowels weren’t functioning normally.

Amy listened with her head, heart, and her wisdom. How needles could open up and heal my nerves, digestion, and skyrocketing emotions is a mystery, but they led to huge positive changes and that, to me, is a miracle. All I can say is that acupuncture worked. Within weeks I was back to teaching students 5-11 years old for eight hours a day. The foundation of my teaching is a healthy integration of social, physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental components to support wellness. Amy has supported my total well being in each of these areas.”

– Jenean

“Acupuncture has made me feel wonderful and alive. Amy dealt with my diet and fertility issues. She is a great listener, and really hears your concerns.”

– Connie

“I saw Amy for pneumonia and fatigue which had become chronic. Instantly, I felt comfortable with Amy’s firm, kind confidence and extensive knowledge.

Amy listened carefully, considered many aspects of my health and life, and treated my case with excellent results.  After several treatments I was well on the way to a full recovery, where all previous treatments had failed.

Thank you Amy!”

– David

From Other Health Care Providers 

“Amy is an incredibly thoughtful, intuitive, and competent healer. She does far more than treat symptoms; she incorporates acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, Chinese medical massage, as well as lifestyle modification advice and instruction in meditation. As a longtime meditator herself, she listens deeply, communicates clearly, and treats her patients with kindness and compassion.

I regularly refer my patients to see Amy and feel the utmost confidence that they will be treated with respect and receive excellent care.”

– Marcie Hamrick, MD, Family Physician at One Sky Family Medicine

“As my acupuncturist for three years, Amy C. Darling has been an extraordinarily attuned, knowledgeable, and sensitive provider. She always asks holistic questions about my health and well-being. Her acupuncture technique is gentle, precise and effective. Her suggestions regarding dietary and lifestyle changes have consistently been helpful, and especially so in times of illness or injury. I enjoy the quiet serenity of her treatment room, as well as the steady and peaceful presence she brings to her work. I appreciate and admire her commitment to community education. I strongly recommend her, without reservation!”

– Mary Holscher, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

“Amy is one of those “gems” you only find once in a great while in todays’ health care delivery system. Her knowlege, professionalism, and compassionate care is only part of what you experience. You also receive the priceless gift of her heartfelt commitment to serving people.”

– Susan Carlson RDH, BS, Northwest Dental Hygiene

“First Amy’s background is worth noting.  She trained at one of the best acupuncture schools in North America, Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.  Second, she’s practiced and studied Zen for more than 15 years.  In other words, she is a student of life that digs deep.  When I refer patients to Amy, I trust that she is going to bring inquisitiveness and compassion to light the path of healing.”

– Kristen Allott, ND, LAc,  Dynamic Paths

“Amy is a rare practitioner. She listens, deeply; she is highly skilled with a wide background to pull from; and she thinks outside the box. All of this is woven together with her intuitive questions in the diagnosis.”

– Tracey Stover, Breathing Mandala