Some kind of suffering, often in the body, brings people to work with me. The suffering demands attention. The attention can influence change. For two decades, I’ve been supporting people to decrease pain, to inhabit their bodies and their lives with greater ease.

Sometimes, change requires external tools like acupuncture, cupping, or someone else’s wisdom or expertise. Hands-on-care I regularly offer in clinic is detailed here. Change can also involve internal things which could include: learning the power of food, stress management, self-awareness practices or meditation, movement, exploring early trauma and tools to integrate that trauma.

Together, we’ll engage the tools needed: my tool bag and yours. We’ll create a mutual healing rapport focused on your thriving and ability to inhabit your own body with intimacy and kindness.

In my medicine and worldview, the body is a gate to awareness. When we tune in to our body’s distress, we can feel into all our bodies: physical-psychological-emotional-spiritual. These bodies are ultimately not separate at all. Western, industrialized culture promotes the view of the body as a machine with parts to be fixed, in isolation of each other. In my own body-mind, and through supporting others, I have seen the fruits of perceiving the relationships between these bodies. As one patient in their late 50s offered, “I’ve been more aware of my body in the past 3 years working with you than I have…I think my entire life.” I feel passionately about this and am happy to talk further.

Pain, grief, trauma and oppression influence our connection with our bodies. Our western medical system often erodes personal agency by locating expertise and power in the provider rather than the person seeking care. Together, in the interest of your health and well being, let’s do things differently. Please remember that even with the most authoritative specialists or surgeons, you have the most intimate wisdom and are the sole authority of your own body.

I will listen attentively to understand the landscape of your ancestry, your suffering, your history with health and vitality, your curiosity, and your willingness to tune in. Wherever you are, there we will begin. I look forward to supporting your own movement toward physical ease, emotional integration, and thriving vitality.