Autumn is a wonderful time of turning in. After summer’s frenzy, our orientation naturally moves inside with less light and a chill at the edges of the day. When we pause, we de-escalate our frenzied nervous systems, and reboot our view of this moment in our lives. In pausing, we breathe space into our hearts which may be encumbered by the  state of our city, country, and world. We breathe space into our the challenges in our own lives. Consider how a day of spacious quiet could support you right now. Some who participate in these retreats arrive with absolutely no meditation experience. Some have been sitting for decades. Everyone finds nourishment in the day’s stillness in community.

  • Instructions and support appropriate to participants
  • Alternating sitting and walking meditation (Sitting 25 min, walking 10 min)
  • Simple, gentle movement bringing ease to the body.
  • A short talk to support and direct intention and effort
  • Lunch (BYO sack lunch) shared in silence
  • Late afternoon tea and treats provided

Please email (amylac @ or call 206.920.9929 if you would like to register for this retreat. I offer the weekly Monday Meditation at no cost. I request donations for retreats. I do not set a fixed price so they are accessible to all. Historically, individual donations have ranged from $20-165.

And if you’re unable to attend the retreat, please remember the ongoing Weekly Meditation offered everyMonday, 12:301pm

509 Olive Way
3rd Floor Winter Garden Conference Room
All Welcome.