Art Opening in two weeks!

Please come by for revelry to celebrate the show and the wrist healing!  I’ll have some light bites to offer. For those inclined, Miro has an excellent selection of tea and more substantial fare. I’ll slice up some of my painting discard pile into bookmarks for early arrivals. And hopefully the span of the evening (6-10pm) will allow for any who want to swing by to do so; my little friends with early bed time, dear elders who don’t want to drive too late, and those with other evening commitments.

Thursday March 1st, 6-10pm
Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Ave NW (link to map)

Paintings will be for sale as well as prints of three individual paintings, two in current show and one from 2014. If you can’t make it to the Opening, while there won’t be treats and so much reverlry, the show will be up through the end of April. Have a look at the Gallery here for a view of past and current paintings.

And in other news, the WRIST? Healing!!! I had my second post-op appointment with Dr. Wagner this week. As I was instructed to articulate the hand through various movements  he said  “wow” several times. As he shook my hand in parting he commented, “You’ve managed to regain in 3 weeks what most people do in 8.” I have about 90-95% restored agility and flexibility with essentially no pain.

The radius fracture is still healing. I still can’t lift more than 5lbs. I also clarified the bone chip at the ulnar head was caused by an evulsion fracture. Also still healing and only tender at the outer limits of rotating the palm up. At the time of impact, the ligaments from the radius tore off a chunk of bone from its copilot the ulna. Two fractures for the price of one!

And it’s all healing, what the body does when we give it the right ingredients. I experience about a dozen miracles a day, in and out of clinic as I regain subtle movements I’ve lived without since December 30th.

I have been bathed in a veritable deluge of love, well wishes, prayer and support. The generosity to the GoFundMe campaign has been completely awe inspiring, heart warming and humbling. I am so grateful for all of you and hope you to see you in person to express as much March 1st.