There are just four spots left in the Sunday November 5th Meditation Retreat. This is a precious opportunity to honor the season’s slowing down; a gesture of tuning and turning in.  Details about the retreat below.

The day includes:
  • Instructions and support appropriate to the experience level of individual’s participating
  • Sitting meditation (periods 25 minutes long) and walking meditation (alternating)
  • Simple, gentle movement bringing ease to the body.
  • Lunch shared in silence (BYO sack lunch) with guidance about how to experience eating with more awareness and joy.
  • Late afternoon tea and treats.
  • A short talk to support and direct intention and effort in meditation. Q & A discussion toward the end of the  day
  • Will be held in the MDB Winter Garden Conference room which actually transforms into quite a comfortable Meditation hall.
  • Retreat runs from 9:30am4:30pm

I offer the weekly meditation on Mondays at no cost. I request donations for retreats. I do not set a fixed price so they are accessible to all. As people often ask, historically individual donations have ranged from $20-$150. Please contact me asap, by email or call (206.920.9929), with any questions  or if you’d like to reserve a place in the retreat.

2018 Retreat Dates 
Sundays Jan 21 and March 25

Breathing Space Into Your Own Heart

Weekend before last, I ventured out for a last couple nights in the mountains before the winter lid came down. Actually the lid came in that weekend making for one very soggy evening. And yet, midday Saturday, the sun was warm enough to feel gently baked, to bring color to my smiling cheeks.  The rains having cleared the air, Sunday dawn was crystalline apricot tufts of cloud, Icicle creek was thunderous and awe-inspiring.

Having taken Bluett Pass and the long way home from Leavenworth, I noted around North Bend the palpable change in drivers around me; faster, more zippy lane changing, more  impatience with my moderation evident by cars proximity to my rear bumper.

Time outside, with open expanse of mountain and sky, breathes space around my heart. Those words feel like the best way to describe my experience. I choose to live in the city. I am of this place. AND, taking time away, from the concrete and the cell towers, supports me to be here with more ease, more patience, more joy, more generosity toward myself and others.

As we pivot into this darker time, how do you breathe space into your own heart? Time  in play? Time with pets or kids? Time resting? Time creating? Music? Paint? Crayon? Sport? Time sharing food, in community? Consider this an invitation to pause and consider this simple question: this winter, how can you breathe space into your own heart?

with utmost care,

Photos from Chatter Creek trail up Icicle Creek Canyon (Leavenworth). Footer from Black Canyon trail (Yakima). All taken October 2017.